Apr 29, 2020
Washington state apple growers experience bloom season

Bloom season in Washington signals the start of a new apple crop. Across the state, apple trees are in the last bloom stages, dependent on elevation and location. The rolling slopes of Washington orchards are adorned with flower blossoms and bees are busily working to cross pollinate the trees, a vital step in the production of tree fruit.

“Bloom is one of the most beautiful times of the year and always renews excitement for the apple harvest ahead. This visual symbol of new beginnings is refreshing for our growing communities and the state,” Toni Lynn Adams of the Washington Apple Commission said in a news release.

It is also a critical time of crop protection against the shifting weather conditions of spring. Growers and farmworkers carefully monitor temperatures to determine any necessary steps to protect the vulnerable blossoms against frost damage.

While Mother Nature is the dominant force on crop size; years of experience, development of horticulture practices, and improved tree structures has helped the industry gain a degree more control over the fluctuations of a cyclical crop. Blossom thinning removes the amount of potential fruit on a tree, enabling the tree to concentrate nutrients and cell growth to a more manageable amount of apples, resulting in improved sizing and quality overall.

“We anticipate strong crop quality and excellent color for the year ahead. The current 2019-20 season had terrific color and quality which is a testament of the growers’ expertise, variety selection, and nurturing care, in combination with cooperative weather,” says Todd Fryhover, President of the Washington Apple Commission.

The state’s dry arid climate, ample water supply, nutrient rich soil provides an ideal growing environment for tree fruit. Washington state produces 65% of the entire U.S. apple crop and is the leader in fresh apple exports. One-third of the fresh crop is shipped internationally each year to over 60 markets worldwide. Apples have excellent storing quality when refrigerated, which will mean a smooth transition from the 2019-20 season to harvest and 2020-21. Supply will not falter for consumers who depend on apples as a staple fruit in their nutritious diet.

The Washington Apple Commission is a promotional organization and conducts twelve international marketing programs worldwide on behalf of Washington apple growers.

For more information on the Washington Apple Commission, visit our website www.bestapples.com.

Washington Apple Commission

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