Nov 14, 2022
U.S. apple holdings down from last November

Fresh and processing apple inventories are reported down this year from the previous November, according to a Nov. 14 report from the U.S. Apple Association.

According to USApple, fresh apple holdings on Nov. 1 totaled 103 million bushels, down 5.8 percent compared to the inventories reported Nov. 2 last year and 15$% less than the November five-year average.

Processing holdings totaled 41 million bushels, 10.2% fewer than last year and 7.2% down compared to the five-year average.

The total number of apples in storage Nov. 1 was 144 million bushels, 7% less than last November’s total of 155.1 million bushels and down 13.2% compared to the 165.9 million bushels five-year average.

Fresh and processing apple inventories are reported down this year from the previous November, according to USApple.

Washington declines, Michigan gains
Washington’s total storage declined 12% from 125 million bushels in 2021 to 110.2 million bushels in 2022. This compares to the 133 million five-year average.

Michigan was a large gainer in apple holdings. On Nov. 1, the state recorded 13.1 million pounds in total storage, up 41% from 7.8 million pounds the previous year and higher than the 8.9 million bushel five-year average.

New York remained similar, at 10.3 million bushels for 2022-23 compared to 10.2 million the previous year and lower than the 11.5 million five-year average.

Pennsylvania’s storage was down from 6 million bushels in the previous year to 5.5 million bushels in 2022-23 and similar to the 5.5 million bushel five-year average.

Virginia storage for 2022-23 is 1.7 million bushels, down 11% from 1.9 million bushels the previous year and lower than the 2.4 million bushel five-year average.

California’s inventories declined 46% from the previous year. In 2022-23, the state registered 229,399 bushels in storage compared to 2021-22’s 424,406 bushels but down 56% from the 514,756 bushels five-year average.

Other states, including Oregon, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina and Idaho, also saw declines in storage.

This report captures more than 95% of the national storage capacity, according to USApple.

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