Jun 16, 2023
AgroFresh adds to its Apple Complete portfolio

AgroFresh Solutions Inc., a global AgTech innovator that provides produce freshness solutions and digital technologies that enhance the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh produce, has three additions to its Apple Complete portfolio.

Organic Materials Review Institute-certified CeraFruta and Teycer Originals Prime Elite join Textar DPA as the latest products in its extensive lineup of postharvest solutions for the U.S. apple industry.

CeraFruta, a bio-fungicide approved for organic use, has proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of post-harvest fruit decays thanks to its unique, patented formulation of Natamycin, a naturally occurring molecule derived from soil bacteria with a unique mode of action. This product has been used within the food industry for four decades with no known cases of resistance.

Teycer Originals Prime Elite is a new apple coating approved for organic use that helps apples stay more firm, smooth and shiny compared to conventional coatings. The coating integrity remains smooth, without significant whitening, contact-point issues or notable loss of gloss regardless of dilution rate.

Textar DPA is a trusted scald and CO2 injury inhibitor containing 40% Diphenylamine. Its versatile formulation can be used both for fogging and drenching. For fogging, it is applied using the AgroFresh ActiMist technology. Textar DPA can simultaneously be applied with SmartFresh for fast, controlled atmosphere establishment to avoid excess of CO2.

AgroFresh Apple Complete is a comprehensive portfolio of near- and postharvest ethylene management solutions, as well as fungicides, coatings, sanitizers and digital monitoring and analytics platforms. This portfolio includes AgroFresh’s SmartFresh Quality System, the industry-leading ethylene management solution for the past 20 years, and Harvista 1.3 SC, the only field application of 1-MCP available in the market.

Teycer-Originals-Prime-Elite“At AgroFresh, our team of innovators is always working to develop new solutions to improve the produce system and reduce food loss,” Sarah Enescu, commercial business director North America at AgroFresh, said in a news release. “We’ve been supporting the apple industry for more than 20 years with innovative and revolutionary solutions starting with our SmartFresh (1-MCP) technology. Today, our Apple Complete portfolio supports the apple industry from end to end with unparalleled customer support to make our industry both more sustainable and efficient.”

“Maximizing packouts for the growers and making sure we have a high-quality product for consumers is of highest importance,” Matt Miles, Allan Brothers Fruit and a guest on the recent AgroFresh Apple Complete webinar, said in a news release. “Using tools in the industry, we can get the right product to the consumer at the right time, ensuring the best quality, taste and texture, providing value to the end customer — retailer or consumer.”

Miles said that one of the single-biggest things for conventional apples in the past 20 years is the introduction of 1-MCP to the market and AgroFresh’s role in doing so.

“I think it’s safe to say that 1-MCP being brought to the market and AgroFresh having a huge hand in bringing that in commercially is one of the single biggest things to happen to the industry in the last 20 years from a conventional fruit perspective,” according to Miles. “It’s massive and key as far as ethylene management goes for maintaining firmness of fruit.”

AgroFresh commercialized the SmartFresh technology starting in 2003, with the application on apples. In the past 20 years, it has expanded for use in multiple crops, including pears, blueberries, cherries, avocados and stone fruit, as well as new applications in field, storage and transit, such as field spray application and convenient sachets. AgroFresh’s focus on quality and freshness has driven the advancement of its solutions portfolio beyond ethylene management to include fungicides, coatings and digital platforms, including FreshCloud for quality inspection and in-room wireless monitoring with the Strella sensor.

To learn more about these new additions and the full Apple Complete portfolio, sign up here to view AgroFresh’s recent Quality & Freshness MasterClass webinar on Apple Complete.

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