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Mar 11, 2024
Apple holdings significantly increase

Fresh and processing apple inventories are reported higher early March this year than in the previous year, according to a March 11 report from the U.S. Apple Association.

According to the USAppleTracker report, the total number of apples in storage on March 1 was 118 million bushels, 34% higher than last March’s 88 million bushels and 25% more than the 5-year average for that date, according to USApple.

Fresh apple holdings in early March totaled 84 million bushels, 35% more than the inventories reported for last March. Processing holdings totaled 35 million bushels, 31% less than last year on March 1.

All major producing states reported overall fresh and processing storage increases in March compared to the previous year.

The leading producing states reported increased fresh storage while Michigan and Virginia reported processing declines. The only state that saw an overall decline was West Virginia with the “other states” category showing overall, fresh and processing declines.

Washington’s total storage increased from 68 million bushels in March 2023 to 93.5 million bushels in March 2024. This compares to the 76.2 million bushel five-year March average.

Michigan again gained in apple holdings, but slightly. In March, the state recorded 7.429 million bushels in total storage, up from 7.428 million bushels the previous year and higher than the 4.6 million bushel five-year average.

New York was 8.7 million bushels, compared to 6.1 million bushels the previous year and higher than the 7 million bushel five-year average.

Pennsylvania’s storage was 4.8 million bushels in March 2024 compared to the previous year’s 3.5 million bushels and higher than the 3.4 million bushel five-year average.

Virginia storage increased slightly and was lower than the 1.4 million bushel five-year average.

Oregon’s inventories were 997,153 bushels, lower than the 1.1 million bushels during the previous period. That compares to the state’s 677,000 bushel five-year average.

California was 183,774 bushels, up from 114,000 bushels and higher than the 154,574 bushel five year average.

While West Virginia’s overall storage declined from 200,414 bushels to 113,527 bushels, fresh storage increased from 53,243 bushels to 70,000 bushels. Processing storage plummeted from 147,171 bushels to 43,524 bushels during the period.

The leading varieties in storage, in order by volume, were Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Cosmic Crisp, Pink Lady/Cripps Pink, Ambrosia, Rome, Envy, Idared, McIntosh, York, and Empire.

The report captures more than 95% of the national storage capacity, according to USApple.

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