Mar 3, 2022
FirstFruits Farms market apples through ‘A Taste of Luck’ campaign

FirstFruits Farms, a recognized leader in the apple industry, announces the launch of “A Taste of Luck” campaign to coincide with the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday on March 17.

With promotable volumes of high-quality apples available in March, the company is supporting retailers in pairing their well-known Opal and Granny Smith varieties together to create engaging green and gold displays and digital content that will attract shoppers during this festive time of year.

“We want to position apples as not just a fruit to consume or think about only during the fall months,” Emily Autrey, marketing coordinator for FirstFruits Farms, said in a news release. “These varieties are consistently delicious year-round, and we are looking at more ways to creatively increase demand for apples particularly when there is ample supply available. Sharing themed recipes online and creating a green and gold in-store display is an excellent way to catch the shopper’s eye during this holiday.”

As part of the promotion, FirstFruits Farms is offering retail partners additional marketing support with campaign-themed content. The content will include social media graphics, recipes, and messaging to promote Granny Smith and Opal varieties on the retailer’s own social media channels. “In providing retailers with ready-made campaign content, we hope to provide the specific tools they need to drive traffic in-store,” said Autrey.

As the first to plant Granny Smith apples in Washington State, FirstFruits Farms is the largest single grower of the well-known variety in the state. The company first introduced the sweet and crispy Opal apple to the retail market in 2010 and it has quickly grown to become a signature variety. Today, FirstFruits runs a vertically-integrated operation that includes more than 10,000 acres of orchards, packing, and shipping all from one location.

The company is no stranger to launching marketing campaigns that support retail partner needs. To connect directly with shoppers, FirstFruits Farms will be launching several targeted retail campaigns this year.

Campaign materials are available now to retailers who wish to bring “A Taste of Luck” to their shoppers. To learn more, email Paul Esvelt at [email protected] or speak directly with a team member about retail campaigns by visiting the FirstFruits Farms booth (#617) at Southern Exposure in Orlando.

FirstFruits Farms is a grower of apples, cherries and pears in Washington state. With over five decades of growing experience and vertically-integrated operations, the company is able to closely monitor its fruit as it is grown, stored, and packed at the same location. FirstFruits Farms was the first grower to plant Granny Smith apples in Washington and is now the largest single-grower in the state.

The company introduced the popular Opal apple variety in 2010. FirstFruits Farms now grows over 10 varieties of apples on 10,000 acres in Eastern Washington.

For more information on FirstFruits Farms visit here.

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