Jan 17, 2023
GroPro recognized as a top agri biotech company

GroPro has won international recognition for being a leading agri biotech concern.

An international magazine, Agri-Business Review, has recognized GroPro as a Top Agri Biotech Company of the Year.

Every year, Agri-Business Review releases its listing of 10 companies at the forefront of providing agri-biotech solutions and affecting the market. According to Agri-Business Review, GroPro was selected for the honor because “They provide farmers with an effective toolbox of new-generation products and solutions which offer enhanced efficacy, integrated pest management, and sustainability of their production programs,” according to a news release.

GroPro provides the next generation of botanical-based agricultural technology by using pharmaceutical-grade technology and formulations to manufacture agricultural bioproducts with enhanced efficacy, according to the release. GroPro is a commercial bio-pesticide, bio-stimulant and bio-fertilizer manufacturer and an R&D international organization. GoPro seeks to close the gap in effective non-chemical inputs that enable farmers to reduce their reliance on chemicals without compromising agricultural yield, quality or profitability.

GroPro’s approach entails proprietary technologies, including amplifying natural ingredients, micronization, and atomic extraction of active ingredients. It works to change and lead the way in the worldwide development, research, education and adoption of the agro-biotech market. GroPro has collaborated with some of the world’s top growers to assess and demonstrate the efficacy of its materials as a rotational and standalone product line for an integrated pest control approach, according to the release.

“Such industry recognition confirms that we are fulfilling our mission to strengthen the reputation of non-chemical inputs globally,” Benito Varela, GroPro’s chief operating officer, said in the release. “The award is a result of the efforts of all our team; it proves that our sustainable bioproducts have been beating the bio-industry standards since its inception.”

GroPro offers various products across the crop cycle for vital crops including fruits and vegetables, bananas, soybeans, corn, wheat and coffee. Its natural bioproducts demonstrate field efficacy, extended shelf life, versatility at tank mix, no field re-entry restrictions and zero residues, according to the release. Having completed multiple field trials in the U.S. and internationally, GroPro has a track record of enabling growers to supplement agrochemicals using natural materials in the integrated pest management approach.

With GroPro’s products targeted at nematicides (product Vigilance), fungicides (bio-fungicide Zayin), sporicide/bactericides (Reckoning), insecticides (bio insecticide Wrath), mosquitoes (Skeeter), and gastropods (Stomp), farmers have products that offer both active control and residual actions, according to the release.


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