May 2, 2016
Michigan launches Certified Fertilizer Applicator program

In its first five months of operation, the newly-launched Michigan Certified Fertilizer Applicator Program (CFA) has enrolled more than 450 professionals representing 45 companies in Michigan. The CFA, developed by the Michigan Agri-Business Association (MABA), is designed for individuals who professionally apply fertilizer for farmers, and usually work for companies that sell fertilizer products.MABA_logo

About 270 of the participants have already earned certification in the program. To earn certification, an applicator must attend at least six hours of training approved by MABA. In addition to nutrient application principles, the program covers safety, transportation, spill response and other important issues.

Certification in the program is based on the annual accumulation of credits obtained from training and educational sessions. Subject matter is intended to provide operators with the latest advancements in 4R principles, introduce key concepts to beginning applicators, and reinforce the link between practices and outcomes, MABA said.

Safety concepts, including personal protective equipment, over the road travel, and spill response are including in the program. Credits in the program are available from MABA-led training events, as well as for any industry approved training session.

The program will expand later this year to include online training modules, said Tim Boring, vice president of MABA.

Details on obtaining CFA meeting credits are available at the Michigan Agri-Business Association website or by calling the MABA office at 517-336-0223.


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