Sep 7, 2021
Naturipe continues summer production of berries

Naturipe, a farmer-owned producer and marketer of berries and value-added products, continues its inaugural “Summer of Snacking” campaign, as fresh raspberries and blackberries enter their late-summer peak season.

“Consumers and their families can still enjoy raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries.” Naturipe said in a news release.

Berries pack a powerful punch of nutrition and are an easy, anytime snack.

Naturipe fresh raspberries are now at their peak (and through the month of September) for conventional and organic varieties. Naturipe offers a 100% proprietary raspberry program from multiple growing regions featuring its Centennial variety.

Current production areas include Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán and Baja California.

“We have tailored our production areas to be able to offer customers a year round program of conventional and organic raspberries,” the news release said. “We will continue to see significant growth in our raspberry program over the next two years in Mexico, as our proprietary variety has performed well for the consumer, the customer and the grower. Additionally, we already have next generation raspberries in the pipeline that will further enhance the consumer experience.”

Also, Naturipe fresh blackberries are hitting strong volumes this month and are in peak freshness.

“We are proud of the great strides we have made to differentiate our blackberry program in Mexico,” the release stated. “Current production areas include California, with Mexico starting in September with earlier than normal production in Michoacán and Guanajuato. We are seeking out new growing areas in the south of the country, while simultaneously accelerating our growth in Central Mexico and Baja, California. We will continue to see yearly growth as we expand our production to meet the needs of our customers and their shoppers. Our customers will continue to see the evolution of our program and curated varieties. Our breeding program is making substantial advancements in our next generation of proprietary blackberry varieties. The future for Naturipe Blackberries from Mexico is bright and expect to see significant results in the next couple years.

“Our variety improvement programs for raspberries and blackberries are focused on our commitment to developing new varieties that will continue to deliver on consumer demand for the overall eating experience. We offer our customers a wide array of pack sizes, including conventional 6oz, 12oz and 18oz and organic 6oz and 12oz. Our raspberries and blackberries are available from multiple cooler locations, allowing us to easily service a broad geography of customers.”

“We’re excited to share with our customers that we have strong promotable volumes of raspberries and blackberries this late in the summer, and as we transition into fall.” said Naturipe Vice President of Marketing CarrieAnn Arias. “As our customers help their shoppers with school lunches, after school snacks and weekday dinners, we are here for them, providing the delicious, fresh and nutritious berries their shoppers demand.”

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