Oct 11, 2023
USDA opens comments to Pacific NW pear marketing order change

The USDA is proposing a change to the federal marketing order for pears grown in Oregon and Washington, slightly dropping the number of votes needed to approve changes to the marketing order.

The amendment would reduce the percent of votes by Fresh Pear Committee members needed to approve changes to the handling regulations from 80% to 75%. The committee, which oversees the marketing order, recommended the change.

Currently, the marketing order requires at least 80% of the committee to approve changes to handling regulations, while other committee actions need only 75% of voters to approve. The change would make the marketing order’s regulatory requirements more consistent, simplify the amendment process and reduce confusion among committee members, according to a USDA news release.

The proposed rule for this action was published in the Federal Register on Oct. 10. Comments are due by Dec. 11.

More information about the marketing order is available on the 927 OR/WA Pears webpage, the AMS Marketing Orders and Agreements webpage, or by contacting the Market Development Division at (202) 720-8085.


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