Apples drop from the sky in England

Rush hour on a road in the English Midlands was complicated Wednesday by an actual windfall -- a freak shower of windblown apples.Police said about 100 pieces of fruit dropped from the sky in a... more »

Apple Castle celebrates 150 years growing apples

Few farms have the longevity and tradition of Apple Castle, a family orchard that has been growing apples for 150 years. Six generations of the Johnston family have dedicated their lives to apples and the... more »

Arsenic, lead found in leading fruit-juice brands

Health officials with Public Health – Dayton and Montgomery County are encouraging parents to talk with their pediatricians in the wake of a Consumer Reports investigation released Wednesday that found arsenic and lead levels that... more »

Hunting cold weather deer In apple orchards

One of the secrets to finding trophy bucks during the late season is to concentrate your efforts in and around food sources. Hunting pressure can be high near obvious areas such as standing corn fields... more »

Harvest dilemma spotlights immigrant labor crisis

Washington apple farmers are so desperate for pickers, one grower hired inmates from a minimum-security state prison at $22 an hour to help with the harvest.The dilemma demonstrates just how messed up this nation’s immigration... more »

The next big apple?

John Seabrook writes about the process of building a better apple, focusing on the creation of a new variety “trying to take its place as the next hot apple” called SweeTango. He goes to Minnesota,... more »

Suttons Bay farmers preserve ag corridor

In a world where optimism seems to be in short supply these days, it was heartening to sit down with fruit farmers Jeff and Nita Send and their partners, Scott and Penny Emeott.The Suttons Bay... more »

New hort president: Growers rely on Extension

For Ed Robinette, this has been a pretty good year. His family business, Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery, celebrated 100 years of being a west Michigan fruit grower. Long-term success takes leadership, and the growing... more »

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