Mar 13, 2023
Apple holdings continue to decline

Fresh and processing apple inventories are reported lower this March from the previous March, according to a March 13 report from the U.S. Apple Association.

Fresh and processing apples experienced declines, according to the report.

The total number of apples in storage on was 88.4 million bushels, 7.7% smaller than last March’s total of 95.8 million bushels and 9.2% less than the 5-year average for that date, according to the USApple report.

Fresh apple holdings this January totaled 62 million bushels, 7.3% less than the inventories reported for March 2022 and 10.1% lower than the March five-year average.

Processing holdings were 26.4 million bushels, 8.5% less than the previous year on Jan. 1 and 7% smaller than the March five-year average.

Fresh apple holdings this March totaled 62 million bushels, 7.3 percent less than the inventories reported for last March. Processing holdings totaled 26.4 million bushels, 8.5 percent less than last year on March 1.

Washington lower, Michigan higher
Washington’s total storage declined from 76.9 million bushels in 2022 to 68.5 million bushels in 2023. This compares to the 79.8 million five-year average.

Michigan again gained in apple holdings. In March, the state recorded 7.4 million bushels in total storage, up from 3.7 million bushels the previous year and higher than the 3.8 million bushel five-year average.

New York was 6.1 million bushels for 2022-23 compared to 7.6 million the previous year and lower than the 4.9 million five-year average.

Pennsylvania’s storage was 3.5 million bushels in 2022-23 compared to the previous year’s 4.3 million bushels and higher than the 3.3 million bushel five-year average.

Virginia storage is 1.1 million bushels, down from 1.2 million bushels the previous year and lower than the 1.5 million bushel five-year average.

California’s inventories were 114,079 bushels from 176,494 bushels during the period. That compares to the state’s 189,324 bushels five-year average.

Maryland, New Hampshire, Oregon, Idaho, Indiana, Connecticut and Ohio recorded storage declines while North Carolina, West Virginia and Massachusetts reported increases.

The report captures more than 95% of the national storage capacity, according to USApple.


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