Feb 8, 2024
Cherry Industry Administrative Board seeking public nominees

The Cherry Industry Administrative Board (CIAB) is seeking nominees for its public member and public alternate on the board.

The positions are for three-year terms beginning July 1. Public nominations will be accepted through March 1.

Public representatives’ responsibilities and qualifications:

  • Prohibited from having any financial interest in the cherry industry
  • Knowledge of the tart cherry industry
  • Expected to attend board meetings in-person or via Zoom
  • Board meeting expenses reimbursed
  • Compensation of $250 per board meeting
  • Obligation to serve on the subcommittee for the review of applications for exemption per CFR 930.162(d).

Cherry Industry Administrative Board CIAB

Individuals interested in serving as CIAB’s Public Member or Public Alternate please submit a resume to Heather Weber, Executive Director, Cherry Industry Administrative Board by email at [email protected].

The CIAB is authorized by the federal marketing order for tart cherries that was established in 1997.

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) policy is that diversity of the boards, councils and committees it oversees should reflect the diversity of their industries in terms of the experience of members, methods of production and distribution, marketing strategies, and other distinguishing factors, including but not limited to individuals from historically underserved communities, that will bring different perspectives and ideas to the table.

Throughout the full nomination process, the industry must conduct extensive outreach, paying particular attention to reaching underserved communities, and consider the diversity of the population served and the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the members to serve a diverse population.

Marketing orders are authorized by the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 and are industry-driven programs that help producers and handlers achieve marketing success by leveraging their own funds to design and execute programs that they would not be able to do individually, according to a news release. AMS provides oversight to fruit, vegetable and specialty crops marketing orders and agreements to help ensure fiscal accountability and program integrity.

The CIAB utilizes assessment funds for marketing and production research along with promotional activities. The marketing order also provides for volume control, when recommended by the CIAB to balance supply with demand since tart cherry production can fluctuate resulting in oversupplies. Additional information about the CIAB may be found at www.cherryboard.org and CIAB’s promotional website at www.choosecherries.com.

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