Mar 3, 2023
Biome Makers upgrades soil health management tool

Biome Makers has released the latest updates to BeCrop Technology, which decodes soil biology and soil health management.

Biome Makers’ BeCrop Technology updates decoding soil biology and soil health management.

The new update gives the agricultural community full independence to plan, execute, and analyze multiple soil health projects efficiently and accurately, as well as allows for easy integrations with other systems, according to a news release.

The updates include three new modules: a Project Planner, a real-time Tracking System, and improvements to the BeCrop Results and Analysis interface.

With the Project Planner, users can easily view and manage all of their projects on a single platform, plan and track them with precision and efficiency from beginning to end, and tackle issues such as yield, disease, and management practices, among other things.

With the Tracking module, users can track projects and receive deliverables in real-time, providing full transparency and up-to-date information on sample collection, analysis, and results. GIS maps and sampling instructions will be made available to users, along with automated notifications reminding them of pending requirements and prompting them to take necessary actions in a timely manner.

The results module is a streamlined approach to project analysis providing answers to specific on-farm questions. Users gain quick and effortless access to comprehensive project views and results without relying on the expertise of Biome Makers’ team. Soil samples are viewed on an interactive map using geolocation, and users can easily compare different plots and view key measurements through comparison clusters, according to the release.

“We continue to set the standard for soil health with BeCrop Technology by providing the industry with the latest science and data to answer the most comprehensive questions about soil health,” Alberto Acedo, Biome Makers’ co-founder and CSO, said in the release. “With the latest updates to BeCrop 3.0, we provide independence and full transparency to the agriculture community to take complete control over their projects and become experts in analyzing the data they need to make better-informed decisions.”

Growers, advisors, retailers and agricultural input manufacturers can benefit from the intelligence and independence the program makes about soil health management, according to the release.


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