Jun 1, 2016
Dosatron debuts new Nutrient Delivery System Kits

Dosatron International today introduces the 1 ½-inchNutrient Delivery System Kits.

The three kits are powered by Dosatron dosers and consist of a Starter Kit, Mixing Chamber Kit, and Monitor Kit. The 1 ½-inch kits were designed for larger indoor and outdoor environments, according to the company.

A complete Nutrient Delivery System kit. Photo: Dosatron
A complete Nutrient Delivery System kit. Photo: Dosatron

You may add up to eight Dosatron dosers in combination with the Nutrient Delivery System Kits, depending on incoming pressure and flow, Dosatron said. Suggested dosers are the D8RE3000VFBPHY, D8RE2VFBPHY, and D8RE5VFBPHY — all of these being 40 GPM units.

For more information call Dosatron International’s customer service department at 800-523-8499, or visit the Dosatron International website.


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