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Mar 31, 2021
IFG, with 45 patented grape and sweet cherry varieties, marks 20th year

Bakersfield, California-based International Fruit Genetics (IFG), a fruit-breeding and licensing company widely recognized for inventing the Cotton Candy and Sweet Globe grapes, has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

IFG is renowned worldwide for its innovative fruit-breeding programs that have changed the way consumers and retailers think and experience grapes and other fruits, and through the company’s unique offerings of flavor-forward fruit varieties and its global IP licensing program, IFG has transformed the fruit breeding industry in the short span of just 20 years.

Today, IFG boasts 45 patented grape and sweet cherry varieties, and its network of licensed growers extends to all corners of the globe with 1,344 licensees in 15 different countries. Additionally, the company has grown to 55 staff members globally.

“At IFG, we have three primary assets: our trademarks, our varieties, and our people,” IFG CEO Andy Higgins said in a news release. “Without each of those assets, we would not be the company we are today. As an organization that has Intellectual Property, we are committed to protecting our trademarks, our varieties, and of course, supporting our people in their every success and we are proud of the tremendous advances we’ve made to the fruit-breeding industry over the years. Our talented team has worked tirelessly to execute this ambitious vision, and to see it all come together is quite rewarding.”

IFG was established in 2001 by several of the most prominent names in the California grape industry: Jack Pandol of Grapery, the Stoller family of Sunridge Nurseries Inc. and world-famous horticulturist and fruit breeder Dr. David Cain. Under the direction of Dr. Cain, who recently retired, IFG spent the past 20 years focusing on creating table grape and sweet cherry varieties to fill unmet grower and consumer demands and in the process developed a team of committed professionals who are passionate about protecting IFG’s clients all around the world.

“We have accomplished a lot during our first 20 years and we are excited for our future as IFG is positioned to continue advancing the industry” continued Higgins. “We are engaged and committed. Dr. Chris Owens, our lead plant breeder, is bringing new and more advanced technology to create more intriguing and exciting selections. We have much more in the pipeline as we plan to lead while staying true to our mission. The past many years have provided us a strong and profound foundation for greater success.”

David Cain and Chris Owens develop new varieties of table grapes and cherries, which are patented and licensed to worldwide marketers and growers.

IFG currently has licensees in 15 countries and its fruit is actively marketed in over 30 countries.

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