Sep 18, 2023
New dripline products added at Rain Bird

Two new irrigation tools are available for permanent crop and greenhouse growers from Rain Bird Agriculture.

The products, designed for high-performance, efficient and durable dripline irrigation across any terrain, are the trademarked GritX DSV (Dual Seal Valve) and the GritX SDI (Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation) Pressure Compensating Heavywall Driplines.

With GritX technology, the products deliver water directly to the plant while preventing debris from clogging emitters through a self-flushing action, according to a news release from the Azusa, California, based manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services.

Rain Bird’s GritX technology delivers water directly to the plant while preventing debris from clogging emitters through a self-flushing action.


“With these new innovative additions to our growing precision irrigation portfolio, Rain Bird Agriculture expands upon our best-in-class product offering with unique solutions that solve difficult challenges for growers,” Greg Palumbo, director, said in the release. “These new products allow us to serve a wider variety of growing applications and terrains. Our GritX dripline products also give growers greater control over their irrigation strategies and growing season outcomes by providing durable, grit-resistant drip irrigation solutions they can rely on year after year.”

The GritX DSV Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline features Rain Bird’s Dual Seal Valve Technology which has a built-in check valve with anti-siphon functionality, preventing debris and air from being vacuumed back into the lines when irrigation is turned off. Made from durable and long-lasting silicone, the heavy-duty integrated dual seal valve will not erode due to grit or dirty water and will not wear down over time.

The GritX SDI Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline features Rain Bird’s trademarked Copper Shield technology along with a built-in dual seal valve to protect the emitter from root intrusion. The solid copper chip in the GritX SDI does not wear out and will continue to function for the life of the emitter, making it an ideal long-lasting, low-maintenance sub-surface drip irrigation system, according to the release.

Rain Bird has released two new irrigation tools for permanent crop and greenhouse growers.

“The future of food production depends on our grower communities’ ability to use water efficiently,” Palumbo said in the release. “We are proud to build on our company’s 90-year legacy in agriculture by continuing to offer new innovative drip irrigation solutions that support our customers’ long-term success.”

Rain Bird dealers and customers will also notice new nomenclature for the company’s pressure compensating dripline products to reflect the powerful GritX technology in the portfolio. The H5 Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline will now be named the GritX, while the S5 Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline, launched in 2022, will be known as the GritX with Smart Spacing, according to the release.

Rain Bird Corp. is a leading global manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services. Since beginning in 1933, Rain Bird has offered the industry a range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes in more than 130 countries. Rain Bird has been awarded more than 450 patents, including the first in 1935 for its impact sprinkler. Rain Bird and its trademarked The Intelligent Use of Water are committed to using water wisely. Its commitment extends beyond products to education, training and services for the industry and the community.

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