Oct 9, 2019
2019 storage recommendations for Cosmic Crisp

In our experience, WA 38 (Cosmic Crisp) can be stored with minimum losses throughout a yearlong storage period. Firmness is retained extremely well in CA storage (only 1-2 pounds loss in 10 months).

Also, sweetness becomes more intense as soluble solids content increases and acidity decreases with storage duration. Given our current knowledge, we can confidently recommend regular air storage for four months (up to six months might be possible). CA storage with or without 1-MCP is possible for at least ten months.

For a detailed description of current storage performance knowledge refer to:

Because this apple has stored extremely well under basic storage conditions, we have not expanded testing storage scenarios beyond the basics.
Physiological disorders in storage such as soft scald, and internal browning are rare. Bitter pit and superficial scald have not been observed to date on fruit after storage. The fruit is not highly sensitive to bruising, but bigger fruit from younger orchards can show stem punctures. For more detailed information on
stem punctures please refer to: http://treefruit.wsu.edu/wa-38-stem-punctures-packout/

In prolonged storage (ten months), fruit picked with more advanced maturity may become greasy unless it received 1-MCP treatment. However, when running such fruit over a commercial packing line, the ability to wax these lots was not compromised and neither was appearance, taste or texture. Fruit have displayed no particular problems when subjected to general industry practices in commercial packing lines. Waxed WA 38 maintained its shine for at least seven days at room temperature.

WA 38 apples exhibit a balanced flavor with excellent crispness and juiciness which is maintained throughout storage. It is well liked by consumers and after the apples are stored for several months, consumers prefer the taste and texture of WA 38 over Honeycrisp. For more information on consumer preference please refer to:  https://www.goodfruit.com/consumers-rate-cosmic-crisp-wa-38/.

Ines Hanrahan, Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission

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