Apr 12, 2021
USApple: Number of apples in storage 8.6% less than a year ago

The U.S. Apple Association has released its sixth report on the 2020 apple crop.

According to the survey, this year’s fresh apple holdings on April 1, 2021, totaled 51.2 million bushels, 12.8% less than the inventories reported for April 1 of last year.

Processing holdings totaled 23.4 million bushels, 2.1% more than last year on April 1.

Total number of apples in storage on April 1, 2021, was 74.7 million bushels, 8.6% less than last April’s total of 81.7 million bushels and 0.3% below the 5-year average for that date.

This report captures 97% of the national storage capacity, according to Christopher Gerlach, director, industry analytics for U.S. Apple.

Attached is the April 2021 edition of Market News.


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