Jan 27, 2022
World Ag Expo Top-10 New Product award goes to Rain Bird

Rain Bird, an agricultural irrigation solutions company, has received a World Ag Expo Top-10 New Product award and will be hosting a seminar on efficient water use during the 2022 event.

In its interactive booth space, Rain Bird will be featuring the evolution of its sprinklers and showcasing today’s leading precision irrigation products. Rain Bird Agriculture is serving its growers in a challenging climate through a robust portfolio of efficient precision agriculture irrigation solutions.

Other information to be shared by Rain Bird during the Expo includes:

  • Building on a legacy of irrigation in agriculture: Since inventing the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler in 1935, Rain Bird has become a leading brand in the irritation industry, while keeping its sights set on consistent, adaptable engineering innovations.
  • Rain Bird Clip Plugs honored with 2022 Top-10 New Product Award: Rain Bird Clip Plugs help save water by providing a simple way for growers to close emitter outlets when using heavywall dripline. This feature product and more will be showcased in the Rain Bird Agriculture booth during the Expo.
  • Efficient water use, especially during drought conditions: During a seminar at the World Ag Expo, agriculture leaders from Rain Bird will explore the methods of efficient water use and display their all-new, free online tool to help growers achieve optimal distribution uniformity for any application rate. Catch the seminar Thursday, Feb. 10 from 11-11:25 a.m. in Seminar Trailer 1.
  • Rain Bird’s portfolio of precision irrigation products: The LFX and LF Series High-Performance Sprinklers and H5 Pressure Compensating Heavywall Dripline are among the highest-quality, most efficient precision irrigation products available to growers.

For more information, visit worldagexpo.com.


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