FDA: Companies Must Stop Promoting Health Benefits of Cherries on Labels

On Oct. 17, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent warning letters to 29 companies that manufacture, market or distribute products made from cherries and some other fruits. The letters instructed the companies to... more »

Oregon Sweet Cherry Grower Goes Fresh

Sweet cherry growers in The Dalles, Ore., have an advantage growers in other regions lack: they’re in the rain shadow of Mount Hood. “The mountain blocks westerly moisture that comes in,” David Cooper said. “For... more »

State Apple Industries Debate Mandatory Pasteurization

Should all apple cider be pasteurized? The answer to that question has caused divisions within the U.S. apple industry. Some see it as a safety issue, while others see the interests of large producers vying... more »

Willamette Valley Couple Thinks It’ll Work

The experts told David Lett he couldn’t grow Pinot Noir winegrapes in Oregon’s cold, soggy Willamette Valley. But Lett, considered by many the father of Oregon’s modern wine industry, proved them wrong. Now, four decades... more »

Lured by Good Market, Mexican Growers Battle Harsh Conditions

Mexico shows its least attractive face to Americans entering from above its northern border. Not only do we carry in our memories the televised images of illegal immigrants sneaking through the deserts of the Southwest,... more »

Oklahoma Grower Shares Tips and Sound Techniques

Lavon Williams has been growing blueberries for only a year, but he’s already learned enough to show other people how to do it. On June 11, Williams will host a group from the Kerr Center... more »

Scramble Toward Sweet Cherries Is On

Why do sweet cherries crack? The easy answer is, “It has something to do with rain.” But, conceded Mortiz Knoche, he didn’t have to come all the way from eastern Germany to tell growers that.... more »

Kurt Weber Takes Helm at Michigan State Hort Society

The Michigan State Horticultural Society’s top position is changing hands once again. Kurt Weber will replace Mike Wittenbach as MSHS president in December, during the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market EXPO in Grand... more »

Thousands drive for miles to visit Edwards Apple Orchard

It’s 80 snarled-traffic miles from Chicago to the corn and soybean fields around Rockford, Ill., but lots of people make the trek, sometimes several times, between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. And it’s not to look... more »

High-Value Crops Perfect for High-Value Land

Over the years, northern Maryland has changed from a bucolic rural countryside into a high rent district. Soaring land prices have driven out certain kinds of farming, but farmers who have changed what they produce... more »

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