Kentucky Couple Spreads the Good News About Blueberries

When Jenny and Larry Martin moved to Kentucky in 1995, they brought more blueberry bushes with them than there were in the entire state. It was the genesis of the burgeoning Kentucky blueberry industry. The... more »

Warm Winter Brings Early Berries, Hail Cuts Into Production

There are advantages and disadvantages to mild winters, such as the one most of the United States experienced in 2006. But for strawberry growers in North Carolina – the country’s fourth largest producer – the... more »

Washington Growers Praise Visit from Mexico’s President

Mexican President Vicente Fox’s visit to Yakima, Wash., was seen as a step in the right direction by many of the area’s produce growers. “Overall, it was a good visit and a good thing for... more »

New York Winery Named Best in State

Osprey’s Dominion Vineyards was named “Winery of the Year” during the 2005 New York Wine & Food Classic. What does it take to be named the best winery in the state? Vineyard manager Tom Stevenson... more »

Industry Looks Ahead to Increasingly Better Times

Depending upon where you put your benchmark, the best of times are either ahead of us – or behind us – in the cranberry industry. For the optimistic, prices have been steadily rising since 1999,... more »

Mexico’s High Desert Apple Orchards Fuel Warm Thoughts

Travelers come in two types, I’ve noticed. There are the critical types, who don’t see much good in the way other folks do things. They compare everything they see, unfavorably, to what they left back... more »

Virus Found in New York, Michigan

After causing a stir six years ago, plum pox virus (PPV) laid low while government officials conducted mopping up operations in Pennsylvania and Ontario. Then, within a month this summer, PPV was found in New... more »

Sweet Cherry Grower Makes Harvesting Go More Efficiently

The Dalles is a great place to raise sweet cherries. With rich volcanic soils to grow in, the Cascade Mountains to shield against rain, few major pests to deal with and the Columbia River for... more »

Oregon Sweet Cherry Grower Goes Fresh

Sweet cherry growers in The Dalles, Ore., have an advantage growers in other regions lack: they’re in the rain shadow of Mount Hood. “The mountain blocks westerly moisture that comes in,” David Cooper said. “For... more »

Lured by Good Market, Mexican Growers Battle Harsh Conditions

Mexico shows its least attractive face to Americans entering from above its northern border. Not only do we carry in our memories the televised images of illegal immigrants sneaking through the deserts of the Southwest,... more »

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