Nov 13, 2019
Bee Vectoring Technologies wins at international Agrow Awards for Innovation

Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. (the “Company” or “BVT”) (TSXV: BEE) (OTCQB: BEVVF) on Nov. 13 announced a win for the company – and for growers everywhere.

BVT has been recognized in this year’s Agrow Award for Best Application Technology Innovation for its proprietary bee delivery system and Vectorite with CR-7. The Best Application Technology Innovation Award recognizes developments that improve the precision or safety of pesticide applications.

The Agrow Awards are the premier global competition that honors top advancements in agriculture and best-in-class scientific, technological and leadership initiatives and showcase the future of the industry. It is organized by Agrow, the news and analysis service division of Informa Agribusiness Intelligence. The awards recognize industry successes and innovative, boundary-pushing ideas, with winners chosen from around the world by a distinguished judging panel from within the industry.

“Being recognized by the industry and winning this coveted award is a real stamp of approval for BVT’s creativity and innovation in global agriculture,” said Ashish Malik, CEO of Bee Vectoring Technologies. “The industry is increasingly diverse and evolving, with more adoption of innovative crop technologies that mean a better industry – and a better environment for people, animals, and plants. This award confirms that what we do will make an impact where it matters most.”

Bee Vectoring Technologies accepted the Agrow Award for Best Application Technology Innovation, which recognizes developments that improve the precision or safety of pesticide applications.

BVT’s naturally-derived fungicide, otherwise known as a biological, helps control disease and increase crop yields by as much as 29%. The company’s natural precision agriculture system uses a fraction of the product required with traditional spray applications. Water consumption and use of fossil fuels is also significantly reduced for growers using the system. With an agriculture industry under pressure to increase yields and move away from potentially harmful chemicals, BVT’s system is coming to market at just the right time.

“Right now, we have 7.7 billion people on the planet, and by 2050 that number is projected to increase to nearly 10 billion. When you do the math, we basically have to find a way to double productivity on every farm acre of land over the next 30 years,” said Malik. “And that’s not us saying it, that’s the United Nations and world leaders saying it. The use of biologicals is exploding. More and more people want farmers to stop using chemicals, and BVT is very much a part of this new green revolution. We have an exciting technology with tremendous promise for the future, something the Agrow Awards recognize and celebrate.”

Within the agriculture industry, an increasing number of forward-thinking farmers are adopting BVT as the Company progresses in the commercial phase of operations post US EPA approval. The Company recently announced its first commercial grower deals in the strawberry and blueberry markets within the United States.

BVT, an agriculture technology company, is a market disruptor with a significant global market opportunity in the $240 billion crop protection and fertilizer market. BVT has pioneered a natural precision agriculture system that replaces chemical pesticides and wasteful plant protection product spray applications by delivering biological pesticide alternatives to crops using commercially grown bees.

BVT’s technology, precision vectoring, is completely harmless to bees and allows minute amounts of naturally-derived pesticides (called biologicals) to be delivered directly to blooms, providing improved crop protection and yield results than traditional chemical pesticides – and improving the health of the soil, the microbiome and the environment. Currently, BVT has over 60 granted patents, over 30 patents pending in all major agricultural countries worldwide, and has US EPA registration of its Vectorite with CR-7 (EPA Registration No. 90641-2) for sale as a registered biological fungicide for use on the labeled crops.

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