Apr 26, 2022
Partners in education and innovation

Red apples honeycrisp on apple tree branch

New Hampshire’s Trevor Harding talks trends with OMEX®

(Sponsored) An apple a day keeps Trevor Harding innovating. The Harding family is committed to supporting apple growers and ag producers at their core.

“Bringing new technology to our industry is essential to our future success. We trial in our own fields what we recommend to our clients daily. We want to share in our success.” Trevor spoke of their 700-acre diversified fruit and vegetable farm in Hollis, New Hampshire. From Irrigation to fertility, the Harding Family’s commitment to sustainable production has not gone unnoticed, being named recipients of the 2021 Apple Grower of the Year award.

OMEX® talked with Trevor to learn more about the trends he sees influencing growers and the importance of collaboration in developing new technologies.

“When we talk to our growers about their fertility programs, we come from a place of experience — farmer to farmer speak. They know we have evaluated the product and its capabilities in our own fields” he says. “We understand potential limitations to use and can make solid recommendations from a true agronomic perspective. Timing is everything.”

Looking into his crystal ball, Trevor predicts a dryer year ahead and, based on experience, believes this is where several of the OMEX® technologies really shine.

Trevor has combated stress from transplant and weather swings on his 216 different crops with LifeOmex™ 4-4-4 by OMEX®. LifeOmex provides complete crop nutrition enhanced with OMEX® proprietary Enhanced Bioavailability (EBA) technology plus targeted and synergistic plant extracts that engage multiple modes of action in stress defense to feed your crop and mitigate stress. Trevor wisely shares, “we’ve found a resilient plant sets the stage for a successful season.” Complementing a strong start to the season with the complexed amine nitrogen found in Cell Power® SizeN™ 15-0-7, Trevor can meticulously manage the growth he is looking for in vegetables as well as tree and soft fruit.

“Calcium management is a constant challenge in apple production. In our annual fruiting crops, blossom end rot seems to be most prevalent in June,” says Trevor.

Calcium plays a critical role in almost all agricultural crops. It is required for cell division, as well as strong cell walls and membranes. Without adequate levels, the crops are much more susceptible to diseases and postharvest breakdown. One of the most well-known problems associated with calcium deficiency is bitter pit in apples. This problem, however, is closely related to problems in delivering calcium to the fruit and not available calcium in the soil or leaves.

This illustrates one of the problems with calcium deficiencies — it may not be a lack of Ca in the soil that is the problem, instead it is likely a problem with delivery of Ca within the plant. Cell Power® Calcium Gold™ 7-0-0 and Cell Power® Calcium Platinum™ 10-0-0 by OMEX® both contain patented the LoCal molecule to help partition more calcium to the fruit after it has begun to mature. This unique chemistry helps to move xylem calcium into developing fruit more efficiently. Trevor has seen great results using Calcium Platinum which is fortified with Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, B and Mo to support his apple crop and manage bitter bit. Calcium Gold is his choice for his vegetables.

Trevor recalled when he first met Mike Williams, CEO at OMEX® USA: “Mike was invested in our success with OMEX®. They were truly looking for partners in education and innovation,” he says.

Trevor went on to talk about the importance of collaboration between industry partners and the grower community to learn together. “Part of our mission here is education and showing others through our supply business how they can improve as well.”

To learn more about how OMEX® technology can work for you, visit us at www.omexusa.com or contact your local retailer.

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