Sep 27, 2022
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How Pentair provides sustainable and efficient pumps, sprayer components and more

(Sponsored) Since 1966, Pentair has inspired people to move, improve and enjoy life’s essential resources for happier, healthier lives. From its residential and business water solutions, to sustainable innovations and applications, they deliver smart, sustainable solutions for life.

Andy McNair, application engineer for Pentair’s North American Hypro Sales Team, has worked with the company for 16 years assisting customers with new products and helping resolve issues growers may experience in the field.

Pentair Hypro has been a reliable partner for generations of growers, spraying professionals and businesses by having high-quality standards and efficient application support for customers alike.

“Pentair Hypro focuses on providing high-quality, lifelong products that offer years of worry-free operation. The design of the components and materials used in our products create a dramatic difference in longevity,” McNair said. “The 9915 Diaphragm Pump is the next-gen advancement from the Hypro legacy, carefully designed to outlast and outperform throughout the most demanding seasonal usage,” according to Pentair.

The Pentair Hypro 9915 Diaphragm Pump has many upgraded features — decreasing resource usage through increased pump efficiency and prolonged pump life, leaving growers confident in their spraying application equipment.

DP302AP medium-pressure poly pump

Pentair Hypro 9915 Series’ Upgraded Features Include:

  • Pumps made with 316 stainless steel and polypropylene plastic specifically made to handle harsh chemicals, withstand corrosion and never lose form.
  • Pre-profiled DURAMAX diaphragms with matching crowned pistons made to reduce friction, extend pump life and minimize mechanical stress.
  • Upgraded features will better reduce stress on the diaphragms with a die-cast crankcase that incorporates a new cooling system and has a shorter crankshaft stroke. This ultimately leads to longer pump life.
  • Delivers higher* volumetric efficiencies with the spherical profiled valve poppet.

“Utilizing a high-quality product from Pentair, such as our 9915 Series Diaphragm Pumps, will minimize annual operating costs and prevent in-season downtime which can become incredibly expensive in a short period of time,” McNair said.

According to McNair, nearly all components of Pentair Hypro Pumps are designed for long-lasting life out in the field.

“The Duramax diaphragms in our 9915 Series Pumps have excellent chemical resistance and are pre-profiled to reduce mechanical stress, which results in longer life,” McNair said. “The crowned piston design matches the diaphragm profile, ensuring consistent support and long life. Our 9915 Series Pumps also have larger diameter pistons and less stroke length which also reduces stress on the diaphragms and, again, extends the life of the pump.”

Pentair’s Hypro 9915 Diaphragm Pump Product Line includes a wide variety of flows and pressures to fit all sizes of sprayers. Ranging from flows of 6-64GPM (24-242lpm) and pressures of 218-725PSI (15-50bar), there’s a pump available for nearly all applications.

According to McNair, the Hypro 9915 Series can be used with Air Blast and Air Assist sprayers, which utilize high spray pressure from the pump, penetrating into the crops and have a large fan on the sprayers which pushes the spray solution into the crops. “Air Blast and Air Assist” sprayers are typically used for specialty crops like fruits, nuts and some vegetables. The physical size and complex canopies of these crops make Air Blast and Air Assist sprayers the best solution for applications,” McNair said.

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*Compared to Pentair Hypro 9910 Series Pumps

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