Mar 4, 2016
Gowan Company announces EPA registration of Magister SC

Gowan Company, LLC announced the EPA registration of Magister SC Miticide. Magister SC is registered to control mites in almonds, cherries, Christmas trees, non-bearing tree fruits, and nuts; and powdery mildew in cherries, the company said. Magister was also approved in California for almonds and cherries in January 2016, the company said in a news release.

Fenazaquin, the active ingredient in Magister SC, is a new foliar miticide belonging to the chemical class quinazoline. Magister SC is a broad-spectrum miticide active against spider mites (Tetranychidae), broad mites (Tarsonemidae), flat mites (Tenuipalpidae), and gall mites (Eriophyidae), the company said. Magister SC provides excellent contact activity against all stages, including eggs, immature, and adult mites, Gowan Company said. Magister inhibits respiration in cells of target mites providing rapid control, the company said.

Magister SC is a unique miticide as it also controls powdery mildew in cherries -Podosphaera clandestine, according to Gowan Company.

Melgarejo notes that “although fenazaquin is a brand new compound here in the U.S., it has been used successfully on a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops in more than 50 countries worldwide.”

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