Apr 9, 2020
Preharvest fungicide from Sym-Agro ‘effectively manages postharvest diseases’

Sym-Agro’s Cinnerate broad-spectrum fungicide now gives high-value conventional and organic fruit growers a new tool to protect their fruit during shipping and storage.

“Post-harvest fruit rot diseases present a significant challenge for growers, as most post-harvest diseases infections in the field come at different times during the growing season,” Sym-Agro President Peter Bierma said in a news release. “While in-season fungicide programs can manage some of the diseases, Cinnerate provides broad-spectrum disease control and a multi-site mode of action with fungicidal activity toward all life stages.”

The updated supplemental use guidelines include directions for in-season and pre-harvest applications on grapes, berries, stone fruit, pome fruit and citrus.

Cinnerate provides broad-spectrum control of diseases including botrytis, mucor, rhizopus, phomopsis, monilinia, penicillium, anthracnose and more. It provides activity toward spore, mycelium and hyphae for a complete sanitation. With growing incidence of fungicide resistance and the potential for gaps in disease control, Cinnerate provides a reliable option for post-harvest disease.

Cinnerate is an OMRI-listed biopesticide with more than seven years of commercial use in high-value fruits, nuts and vine crops. It has a 0-day PHI and is MRL exempt, so it can be used up to the day of harvest. This also allows treated fruit to be safely exported to all countries.

For more information on any of Sym-Agro’s pest and disease control products, please contact 541-607-5097 or [email protected].

Headquartered in Visalia, California, Sym-Agro’s focus is to represent, develop and acquire high-quality products to anticipate the evolving markets for pest and disease control. The company offers a growing portfolio of unique products and novel formulations. For more information, visit sym-agro.com.


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