Jun 22, 2020
Valent launches Senstar insecticide for Southeast fruit and vegetable growers

Vegetable and citrus growers now have a new insecticide option to protect their produce from damaging pests. Senstar insecticide from Valent U.S.A. equips growers with two effective modes of action for fast, long-lasting control of soft-bodied insects, including whiteflies, aphids, thrips and psyllids in vegetables and citrus.

In addition, outstanding control of scales in citrus, pome fruit and stone fruit will be part of the benefits that Senstar will bring to growers. With translaminar and systemic activity that affects all life stages of targeted pests, including eggs, Senstar helps achieve high-quality yields.

“Not only do the two modes of action in Senstar make it a fast-acting, long-lasting solution, but it also offers the unique benefit of breaking the insect population cycle, controlling all the life cycle stages – even eggs – resulting in less potential of re-infestation, lower pest counts and more marketable yields,” Tom Caruso, Senstar brand manager, said in a news release.

The two effective modes of action in Senstar provide control of pests to protect crop quality in the following ways:

  • Fast-acting control of soft-bodied insects at all life-stages, including eggs
  • Full systemic activity (xylem and phloem movement) to control pests colonizing new vegetative growth as well as existing foliage
  • Translaminar movement penetrates leaf tissue to help reach pests that feed on the underside of leaves

Senstar is a fit in integrated pest management (IPM) programs, helping growers continue to effectively manage key insect pests with multiple generations per year with minimum impact to naturally occurring beneficial arthropods. By combining two different modes of action (a first in class juvenile hormone analogue and a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor), Senstar targets pests at all life stages, including eggs, meaning long lasting control and reducing the potential of outbreaks that can result in insect pests bouncing back and generating reduction in yield volume and quality.

To learn more about Senstar, contact your local retailer or visit www.valent.com/Senstar.

Valent U.S.A. LLC, headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, develops and markets products in the United States and Canada that advance sustainable agriculture, protect crops, enhance crop yields, improve food quality, beautify the environment and safeguard public health.

Valent products include a well-known line of quality herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and plant growth regulator products for agricultural, seed protection and professional use.

Valent is a leader in marketing and sales of both traditional chemical products and biorational products developed by its affiliate, Valent BioSciences LLC.  For more information about Valent or our full product line, call 800-6-VALENT (682-5368) or visit valent.com.


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